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Bob Sommers told us about asking for reviews in the last episode, but he REALLY knows how to generate referrals. His "5 Star Review System" works well for both. But he strongly feels that the referrals in generates is the real magic. How comfortable are you asking for referrals? Do you have a way to make it easy? Bob talks about how create a mostly automatic system to generate a constant flow of new patients primed to love you and the service you provide! Remember if you try the 5 Star Review System but sure to let them know you heard about it on the Dental Hacks for $50 off the set up fee!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a dentist in another country? Dr. Art Volker from episode 60 is a fan of high end dentistry and he's found that some of the most amazing dentistry is being done in other countries. At his suggestion we've decided to feature some international dentists in the Brain Trust. Art and Alan talk to Dr. Serhat Koken of Istanbul, Turkey and Dr. Andrew Chandrapal near London, UK. Both Serhat and Andrew teach cosmetic and restorative dentistry in their respective countries and are beginning to teach internationally. We discuss the similarities and differences in the educational systems, ways of practicing, taking continuing education among other things. Both Andrew and Serhat are really big participants in private dental Facebook groups, particularly "Style Italiano."

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Office Oral Surgery: A Guided Experience for the General Dentist

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