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Episode 83 continues our discussion with Dr. David Clark. David has spent a career trying to teach dentists to look at composite restorations differently. His minimally invasive concepts have been published all over the place and his Bioclear matrix system is helping dentists remove less healthy tooth structure and giving options besides full preparation for crowns. In this episode Dr. Clark discusses:

  • What advantages does heating composite give us?
  • Does heating composite damage it?
  • Why injection mold instead of layering?
  • What happens if you don't remove biofilm before bonding?

Also helping us with our interview is Dental Hacks regular Dr. Arthur Volker who is also an instructor with Bioclear.

In our Brain Trust segment we continue our discussion about crown and onlay preparation.  Dr. Arthur Volker, Dr. Lance Timmerman and Brain Trust virgin Dr. Will Wyatt dig in to their individual processes and armamentarium to deliver some really good stuff. Some of the products discussed:

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