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Dr. Tarun Agarwal is back in round two of his first (but probably not last) DentalHacks interview! First, we discuss dental implants and his teaching center, 3D Dentists in Raleigh, NC. Then he fills us in on how he attempts to balance teaching, clinical dentistry, being a father and managing his weight. If you liked the first half of Tarun's interview, you're going to love episode 12!

The DentalHacks Brain Trust discussion for episode 12 is a continuation of our answer to a  listener's question. We all have our typical daily routines, but since we live in our own little bubble, the listener wondered what everyone else was doing. Today you'll hear about Dr. Frank Clayton's shopping habit, Dr. Dawn Kulongowski's childbirth experience and Dr. Tammy Bailey's $8 nap!


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