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In today's episode, Dr. Mike DiTolla sits down with the DentalHacks to talk about impressions, materials and being an average dentist. Dr. DiTolla practices within Glidewell Laboratories, the largest dental lab in the United States. He is the Director of Clinical Research and Education at Glidewell and this gives him a unique perspective. Mike is one of the most entertaining presenters in dentistry, and in part one of his interview with the DentalHacks, he doesn't disappoint!

The DentalHacks Brain Trust discussion for episode 13 focuses on what mistakes we made in dental school and what we may have done differently. If you know a dental student or a prospective dental student...they need to listen to episode 13!  We introduce a new member of the Brain Trust in episode 13: Dr. Thom Caspers of Seattle, WA. Returning members of the Brain Trust are Dr. Frank Clayton of Suwanne, GA, Dr. Brent Young of Shelby, NC and Dr. Tiffany Lee of Torrance, CA.

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