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Alan had a chance to speak with Emily Brayman of Microcopy Dental. Emily talks about her product called "Dentalvation." It's a way for dentists that have ideas for new and innovative products to help develop them into reality. Emily tells the story of an upcoming product from Microcopy called "Proxi-chek." It's a specialized indicating paper that helps dentists mark interproximal contacts prior to cementation of crowns. It's a brilliant little product and a classic "why didn't I think of that." If you have an idea for a new dental product, you should get in touch with Emily and take a look at the Dentalvation website!

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If you've ever had to remove zirconia crowns before, you know what a pain it can be. That and expensive! How many burs do you usually go through? Komet understands. They created the "Jackie" for just this problem! A specially designed bur that cuts through zirconia "like butta." Go check out the Jackie at and take advantage of Komet's special Dental Hacks Nation deal! If you buy $300 in Jackie burs, deep purple burs, Footsie polishers or Prepmarker instruments on their website and use the coupon code "HACKS100," you'll get $100 off of your order and your choice of two of the amazing Cerabur slow speed caries removal burs!

Our friends at Itena have made sealants quicker, easier and more reliable! Check out PreventSeal, a no-etch and no rinse sealant material that releases fluoride at

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