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Jason and Alan were lucky enough to get a LOT of Dr. Jeff Rouse's time at DS World before he jumped on the "big stage." In today's epsiode he tells us about how airway affects pregnancy and new mothers as well as how jaw surgery can affect different types of patients. How do you make a referral to an oral surgeon for the type of surgery that may help airway patients? What's the difference between surgery for esthetics vs. airway? Tons of great information from one of our favorite guests!

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"Sleep, Interrupted" by Dr. Stephen Park

There is a lot of talk on the Dental Hacks Nation Facebook page about whether pit and fissure sealants are a good thing or not. Obviously it depends on how well they're done. We're here to tell you that Prevent Seal self etching pit and fissure sealant can help simplify a procedure that's often dumbed down for the wrong reasons. Go check out Prevent Seal by Itena at

A small tragedy happened in my life. No one worry. I'm OK. I dropped my handpiece. It bent the only Jackie crown cutter that I had. So...I have to get some more. Whatever your favorite bur for cutting zirconia crowns is, throw it out. Get rid of it. Run, don't walk, to try this bur. A Jackie crown cutter in an electric handpiece with water spray cuts zirconia much like a cross cut fissure carbide cuts metal. Un. Freaking. Real. Get one. Now. Use the coupon code HACKS100 to save $100 off of an order. Check them out at:

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