The Dental Hacks Podcast

Everyone knows Howard Farran. Dentist, entrepreneur, author, podcaster and founder of DentalTown. He's the king of all dental media...and now we've got him.

We're not sure if Howard interviewed Alan or Alan interviewed Howard, but it doesn't really matter. You'll hear a candid conversation between two friends and podcasters talking about:

  • podcasts and Howard's mission to create an audio study club on a daily basis
  • starting out poor and seeing his father become a successful businessman
  • starting DentalTown for selfish reasons
  • how DentalTown helped Alan work through early recovery
  • should hard drugs be legal?

You're going to love this podcast. It's super honest and super fun. Also, do yourself a favor and check out:

Howard's Podcast

Howard's new book: Uncomplicate Business

Go Hack Yourself:


Cedar Point

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