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Jason and Alan met at a course that Dr. Jason Smithson was giving in Chicago in 2013. They always knew that they'd like to have him on the podcast because he's an amazing dentist and a very good teacher. What they didn't realize is what a good story teller he is!

In episode 78 of the Dental Hacks podcast we give Jason a chance to tell his story from quiet and mild-mannered restorative wunderkind to international lecturer. If you've been on Facebook or DentalTown, you've probably seen the hyper-realistic composite dentistry that Jason has been posting since the early 2000's. Now you get to hear from him how he started doing it, how he got noticed and how you can up your composite dentistry game!

Links mentioned in the show:

Cosmedent and the CEE (courses offered by Jason)

Velopex water abrasion unit (if you have interest do yourself a favor and friend Keith Morgan of Velopex on Facebook. Or email him. He's really helpful and can give you details of the impending roll out of their new air/water abrasion unit, the Aquacare)

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