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In today's episode we talk with fellow podcaster and practice management coach/consultant, Gary Takacs! Gary's podcast is "The Thriving Dentist Show" and has over 150 episodes and has been ongoing since 2011! We talk about podcasts: what he listens to and how he got started. Then we move onto his practice. Gary is part owner of a dental practice in Arizona. He talks a little about how he and his dentist partner found a "fixer upper" practice and turned it into the practice that they wanted. It's very interesting to hear how a practice management consultant literally built his own "dental test kitchen" to benefit his clients!

The Brain Trust features a discussion about practice systems. What are they? Why does it seem so hard to implement them? Dr. Tammy Bailey, Dr. Frank Clayton, Dr. Melissa Zettler and Dr. Brent Young discuss their own experience with developing and implementing office systems. It sounds kind of dry, right? Not when the Brain Trust does it!

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