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Al is joined by long time listener favorites Dr. Frank Clayton and Dr. Melissa Zettler for a talk about regrets. Between the three of them they've had 72+ years of experiences of dentists and practice owners. Al asks the question: what do you wish you had done better? What regrets do you have? And man did this Group Function come through! 

  • Start saving EARLY! (no, even earlier)
  • Avoid buying stuff on payments
  • Use your student loan money wisely
  • Buy used cars
  • Not letting employees go sooner
  • Take more time off...being away from the office is NOT the same as "losing money." Not even close.
  • Take CE, but don't be in a rush.
  • Choose CE early that can pay off over a longer career.
  • Get to a point where you don't care if the patient follows through with care.
  • Lay the patient back far enough. The patient is only there for an hour. You're there ever day.
  • Orthodontics is a great choice for a lot more patients than dental school ever taught you.
  • Make connections with honest colleagues...find people to give honest feedback

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