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Embezzlement is a problem in dentistry. David Harris of Prosperident isjoins the Dental Hacks in episode 95 to tell us just how big aproblem it is. David thinks that dentists are particularlysusceptible because we're an altruistic bunch that isn't very goodat weeding out the criminal element when we hire. His solution:you've got to think like a criminal. Every dentist needs to hearhis message and the Dental Hacks deliver in a powerful andentertaining way. Plus, David is offering Prosperident's embezzlement risk assessment for freeif you use the code: "dentalhacks."

The Brain Trust takes on a different difficulty that dentistsface. Dr. Melissa Zettler, Dr. Lance Timmerman and Dr. Richard Lowjoin Alan to talk about charting. How much of charting is done toCYA? Are some people more likely to get in trouble for chartingthan others? The Brain Trust's take on a dry subject is at timeshilarious and always powerful. Also, if you have suggestions aboutthorough charting tips, we want to hear them! (Brain Trust startsat 47:40)

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Jason: USDI Ortho seminars

Alan: Triodent Supercurve matrices

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