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Proud isn't really the right word. Maybe ecstatic is.
The Dental Hacks podcast has a spinoff! Just like "Happy Days" produced "Mork and Mindy" and "Breaking Bad" birthed "Better Call Saul," the Dental Hacks podcast is proud to announce a new podcast. It's based on the spinoff Facebook group that we call "The Clinical Hacks" and we're sticking with that name for the new podcast!

You might remember that we did a round table about endodontics back in episode 223 that featured Dr. Kevin Fryer, Dr. Zach Meiners and Dr. Mac Jones and there was a bit of magic there. These three "regular ass" dentists love talking shop and that's just what you'll hear on the Clinical Hacks podcast!

In today's episode we talk with Kevin, Zach and Mac about what they hope to accomplish with the podcast and what we can expect!

It's all about convenience. Your patients want to make appointments for your office on their own time, and they don't really need to talk with your people! Our friends at Localmed can make that happen no matter where your patients are looking for you! Google, Facebook, Healthgrades and even Yelp...Localmed has you covered! Head on over to and get a free demo of what they can do for you and you'll receive 10% off set up just for using our link!

Dr. Dennis Hartlieb has created what we think is going to be the future of dental CE! He has created this amazing dental continuing education platform that he calls "Dental Online Training" and he wants you to try it! Go check out and sign up for his comprehensive digital version of "CPR for the Worn Dentition" for free!

You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive? Why buy a crown prep bur without trying it first? Microcopy wants you to take the "Neodiamond Challenge!" They think that their single-patient-use burs will stand up to any comparison of multiple use diamonds without the hassles of re-sterilization and all the hassles that go along with it. They want you to head over to, request a sample of their most popular crown preparation diamond, the 1116.8C, and put it to the test! We think it's going to change your mind about diamond burs!




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