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Kiera Dent joins us again, this time to give us some specific "KPIs" (Key Performance Indicators) for your practice! We talk about:

  • The most important things to track
  • The number that feeds your ego vs. the number that feeds your family
  • How to look at write offs
  • How do you track attrition (spoiler: use a dashboard)
  • How to track case acceptance and how your software might be fibbing to you
  • Do you need new patients?


Kiera's Links:

Kiera's Dental Consulting

The Dental Masters

Kiera's "Master Tracker" Excel sheet

Kiera's "Master Tracker" protocol (Word Doc)

Directions from Kiera:

"Remember, don't write in the colors & you'll be golden!!! Always keep a "master" copy & make new copies of it weekly. I suggest having a new folder for each month & having the weeks listed out.
Here are the things you'll get from this:
  • accurate % tracking for case acceptance
  • you'll be able to see who (TC) is strong/needs verbiage training
  • you'll be able to see who (HYG/DA) is strong/needs verbiage training
  • AWESOME call lists!! You can use the 2-2-2 method easily with these lists b/c you can pull them up on the dates needed for 2 days/weeks/months ago and call those who didn't schedule their TX --- easy peasy!!!"

Voices of Dentistry (sign up soon! The room block closes December 31!...we got an extension)

Podium for reviews!


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