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Jason and Alan are joined by Nicolle Campion (president) and Kay Hickey (sales specialist) of Zirc. You see, it just so happens that Jason is doing another startup and our friends at Zirc are here to explain that it's never too soon to be planning your clinical workflow and organization! They explain how Zirc makes this easy with their ZOBE (Zirc's Box of Organizational Efficiency) product! How great would it be to have a bunch of different organizational products shipped right to your office so you can hold them in your hands and see how they actually feel while getting coached by the organizational experts at Zirc? It's a great idea and you should try it out! You can find out more at!

Every dentist has their own bur block. You should fill yours with single patient use Microcopy diamonds and carbides! For instance, you'll find a ton of uses for the 3314.10 very fine pointed cone trimmer. I know I do. I use the "skinny" to break contacts without nicking up the adjacent tooth as well as for finishing flat-ish surfaces like the facials of upper and lower anteriors! Give it a look at

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