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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to try all those products you see on the exhibit floor and in dental magazines? Dr. Josh Austin is that guy! Not only is he co-host of the Accidental Geniuses podcast, he writes the "Pearls for Your Practice" column in Dental Economics! We talk to Josh about what it's like to review products, live by a deadline and why he fears the judgement of prosthodontists.

In the Brain Trust segment...we're trying something new! Jason and Alan were joined by Dr. Jason Luchetefeld, Dr. Will Wyatt and Dr. Rich Weber to play a game of "what would you do?" Here's how it works: Alan throws out a plausible situation that could happen in the dental office and the Brain Trust takes turns deciding how they might handle the situation. In episode 117 we talk about tattooed employees, patients with spend down health savings accounts and more. It was pretty fun and if the listeners like it...we'll do it again!

Some links from the show:

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The Cosmedent CEE has two more classes in 2016 with seats still available! Dr. Jason Smithson doing "The ABCDE of approaching the Complex Case" (November 11-13) and Dr. Bob Margeas doing "Practical Tips Using Composite Resin in Everyday Practice" (Dec 2-3)

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Jason: Karafun

Alan: ContacEZ strips (blue and orange)

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