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Jason and Alan met Victor Lembo of Salli USA at DS World in Orlando a few weeks back. Alan has been using Salli saddle chairs in the office for about 15 years but was really excited to see them at a dental meeting for the first time! Both Dental Hacks bought a Salli Sway chair at the meeting. Alan is ready to buy a second! Take a listen as Victor explains the companies philosophy and some of the options you can try with Salli seating!

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Salli USA website

A small tragedy happened in my life. No one worry. I'm OK. I dropped my handpiece. It bent the only Jackie crown cutter that I had. So...I have to get some more. Whatever your favorite bur for cutting zirconia crowns is, throw it out. Get rid of it. Run, don't walk, to try this bur. A Jackie crown cutter in an electric handpiece with water spray cuts zirconia much like a cross cut fissure carbide cuts metal. Un. Freaking. Real. Get one. Now. Use the coupon code HACKS100 to save $100 off of an order. Check them out at:

There is a lot of talk on the Dental Hacks Nation Facebook page about whether pit and fissure sealants are a good thing or not. Obviously it depends on how well they're done. We're here to tell you that Prevent Seal self etching pit and fissure sealant can help simplify a procedure that's often dumbed down for the wrong reasons. Go check out Prevent Seal by Itena at If you'd like to try a sample of Prevent Seal be sure to email us at and we'll make sure you get one!

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