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We spoke with Dr. Sameer Puri during our trip to Spear Education earlier this month. Alan has known Sam since the early days of DentalTown and they had a LOT to talk about. It turns out that Sam has created a lot of great stuff in dentistry since then! We discuss:

  • How we first met online and old school DentalTown!
  • How clueless Sam and Tarun were when they put the first Townie Meeting together, and how they "learned by doing."
  • The difference between graduating from dental school in the late 90's to now.
  • The importance of photography in dentistry.
  • When Sam started with CEREC and how that blossomed into CEREC Doctors.
  • How did Cdocs become involved with the Scottsdale Center and Spear Education
  • Where is "home" for Sam...Southern California or Arizona?

Sameer's links:

CEREC Doctors

Townie Meeting

Some links from the show:

Clinical Hack of the Week: user presets on DSLR cameras, specifically from Photomed!

Go get your copy of the ebook "Improving Your Practice's Clinical Photography" from Spear Education. It's free and it's a step by step guide on how to use your digital SLR camera to make comprehensive treatment planning a "thing" in your practice! Check it out at

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Jason and Alan have been using Spear Education online for awhile now. Spear online has resources for doctor education, patient education and team education! There is no better way to get great CE, do patient education, get CE credit and learn a better way to practice dentistry that signing up for Spear Education online. You get so much with your membership, it's kind of astonishing. The biggest problem is having the time to learn everything! Our most recent obsession...the Spear Online iPad app! Go check it out at and you can get $20/month off of your Spear online subscription!

It's a Christmas miracle! Cosmedent is offering its Virtual CEE courses (Catch the Composite Wave by Dr. Buddy Mopper and CPR for the Worn Dentition by Dr. Dennis Hartlieb) to you for a special deal! Use the coupon code "Holiday" on checkout from the website and they'll knock $100 off the course fee! You'll have some time over the break to earn some CE credits in the comfort of your flannel PJs! Check it out at and be sure to use coupon code "Holiday" at check out!

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