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Welcome to season 1, episode 1 of the Clinical Hacks Podcast!

Our first episode comes from a live recording at Voices of Dentistry in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. We sat down in the tent, put on some headsets and a podcast was born!

Introducing the Clinical Hacks:

Dr. Kevin Fryer

Dr. Mac Jones

Dr. Zach Meiners

Highlights today include:

  • What composites do we use?   Why?
  • How do these choices affect inventory control and procedure predictability?
  • Do different composites accomplish different things?

Products talked about in the episode:


Filtek One

Filtek Supreme Ultra


Fuji 2

Anchor Buildup


GC Kalore

SDR Flowable

Absolute Dentin


Estelite Sigma Quick



Bulk EZ

Equia Forte

If you want to interact with us, head over to the closed Facebook Group Clinical Hacks

We want to produce episodes about the questions you have, it's a great place to post a clinical topic, you don't even have to post a photo!

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