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Welcome to season 1, episode 27 of the Clinical Hacks Podcast

You've heard Kevin Fryer be the interviewer before, but it's his turn to be the interviewee.

What's the back story on Kevin?

  • childhood dental trauma actually turned Kevin into a dental enthusiast
  • 1989 Graduate of THE Ohio State University
  • Regular-ass dentistry for the first 25 years
  • Strupp's mailed newsletter was a practice changer for him in the non-internet era
  • Dental Town was a paradigm shift
  • PowerProx braces was his first step into his current practice life
  • Cerec was a massive practice shift
  • 3D Dentists got him into sleep apnea, implants, and more ortho
  • Implant Pathway got him 10X'd on his Implants
  • Multiple Equipment purchases, Cone Beam, newer Cerec - is it paying off?
  • Would Kevin do it again?  Would he do it in a different order?

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