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This episode continues our interview of two current 4th year dental students. The discussion revolves around what it's like being a dental student in 2014. The episode will feel nostalgic for the grizzled veteran listeners but would be a GREAT listen for college students considering dental school!

The Brain Trust picks up where we left off in episode 26. New dentists Dr. Scott KollenDr. Josh Carpenter, Dr. David Scardella (, Dr. Will ParrellDr. Dennis Frazee ( and Dr. Rich Weber ( discuss dental school debt, Monopoly money and professional regrets (no one seems to have any!) You'll hear what these new dentists feel are the best CE values for recent graduates and how some of them are paying for it! Finally we talk about where these new dentists see themselves in 10 years.

There's a lot of good information here for new dentists and veterans alike!

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