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The DentalHacks Podcast episode 05: Mark Jackson sees the future in 3D

Episode 5 of the DentalHacks Podcast features our two part interview with Mark Jackson. Mark is a co-owner of Precision Ceramic Dental Lab in Montclair, CA. We discuss the history of the dental lab industry, innovations in dental lab communications as well as applications for 3D printing and other cutting edge technologies in the dental lab industry.

In this week's Brain Trust segment we introduce a new face, Dr. Frank Clayton from Suwannee, GA along with some of our"regulars." He's joined by Dr. Dawn Kulongowski from Holly, MI, Dr. Matt Standridge from Eureka, KS and Dr. Jason Luchtefeld from Robinson, IL. The Brain Trust has lively discussion about working in dental associateships: the good, the bad and the ugly.

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