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In today's episode, we continue our interview with Dr. Mike DiTolla. Mike shares some secrets with us about how cases are distributed at Glidewell Labs, how to removed (aka: cut off) zirconia crowns and he uses the word yttria correctly in a sentence several times. It turns out that the funniest guy in dental CE is also pretty darn smart. Who knew?

The DentalHacks Brain Trust discussion for episode 13 focuses on mistakes we made early on in our dental careers. Listen carefully to their suggestions about hiring! Pure gold. We introduce a new member of the Brain Trust in episode 13: Dr. Thom Caspers of Seattle, WA. Returning members of the Brain Trust are Dr. Frank Clayton of Suwanne, GA, Dr. Brent Young of Shelby, NC and Dr. Tiffany Lee of Torrance, CA.

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