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Overtreatment. Does it happen in dentistry or is it just a difference of opinion? In today's "ask us anything" episode Jason and Al address the topic of who's treating too much and who's not treating enough?

  • The case of a new dentist diagnosing "10 cavities" in a patient that's experienced no decay with their old dentist
  • The case of a "second opinion" with a giant perio treatment plan and no pockets over 3mm
  • Can the customer service model of "Discount Tire" be applied to dentistry?
  • Which would you rather repeat: dental school or 2020?
  • How much does a missed phone call cost? Does it make sense to work with someone to answer your calls "off site?"
  • Do you diagnose and treatment plan the same at the beginning of the day as the end of the day?

Some links from the show:

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Enova headlamps

Dental Support Specialties

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