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Jason and Alan are joined again by Dr. Jamison Spencer. We've discussed sleep and sleep apnea with him, we've discussed TMD with him. Today we focus on why those two things go together! Some of the topics we discuss:

  • Why Jamison thinks dentists shouldn't limit their practice to sleep/TMD
  • Why TMD treatment is almost dead and sleep apnea is still the hot new thing
  • How new imaging techniques changed Jamison's paradigm
  • Do you need a cone beam to treat TMD and airway?
  • When would imaging change Jamison's treatment plan?
  • Why don't dental schools teach critical thinking and understanding the literature?
  • Jamison's requirements for a good scientific article
  • Why "doing stuff" is sometimes less effective than "kicking back and thinking about it" when you're treating sleep and TMD
  • How reps make all the difference in treating TMJ and sleep
  • The unintuitive thing that's going on when the sleep appliance causes pain
  • A new paradigm for treating sleep/TMD without insurance
  • When do you need to build a team to help you treat TMD/sleep?
  • Where is the medical community on sleep apnea?

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VoD 2019 Highlight video

Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker

Inspire sleep apnea treatment

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