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Dr. Taher Dhoon created The Colorado Surgical Institute to teach dentists to place dental implants, among other things. He's a practice owner and one of the Dental Success Institute's "black belt" coaches. It turns out, he's a pretty interesting guy to have a conversation with, too! Some of the topics we covered:

  • How did the Colorado Surgical Institute come about?
  • How does the Colorado Surgical Institute help a dentist assess their existing skill set and what kind of educational challenge they're looking for?
  • Do all dentists need to be surgeons?
  • Was Taher always a "surgery guy?" 
  • Is "implant marketing" pointing people at implants that really just need comprehensive restoration of teeth?
  • Communication skills are probably more important than surgical skills (although surgical skills are important)
  • How have some of the state laws on "volunteer licenses" changed the way dentists will do continuing education moving forward?
  • How important is "hands-on" for a new skill set like implants? Will we be able to get hands-on training for more than just implants and surgery? (spoiler: YES!)

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