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Vicki McManus is the CEO of The Productive Dentist Academy. Also, she's a blast! We did a live interview of Vicki at the Voices of Dentistry Summit last month and it was super fun and delivered tons of value! Today's episode focuses on different habits that you can create that will make your life easier, your days more productive and your career longer. You should take some notes...just about everything she says is actionable and amazing!

Today's show features a live Brain Trust recorded at the Voices of Dentistry Summit in Nashville! Brain Trust favorites Dr. Dawn Kulongowski and Dr. Brent Young joined Jason and Alan on stage for a rousing game of "best and worst." We also welcome Brain Trust newcomer, Dr. Scott Bridges to the stage...who graciously covered for the always hilarious but temporarily sick Dr. Frank Clayton!

Some links from the show:

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The Voices of Dentistry dental podcasting summit  happened. And it was amazing. If you missed this life changing event, you can still be a part of it! If you go to: you'll have access to all the talks and all the live streams for a measley $199. We know you won't miss it next year, but you can still catch what happened here!

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Go Hack Yourself:

Jason: WatchPat home sleep apnea test

Alan: Hindenburg Journalist (audio editing/recording software)

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