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This week's show picks up with the second half of our interview with Kevin Henry. Kevin is the Group Content and Editorial Director at Advanstar Communications. Kevin spends some time talking about dental publishing, its history and its future. For instance, he thinks that there will always be a place for print (magazines) as most people won't take their iPad in the bathtub. We talk a little bit about how selling to dentists has changed and also how an aspiring dental writer could have their writing published. Finally, Kevin weighs in on who's up and coming in the dental education world. Another DentalHacks interview not to be missed!

In today's Brain Trust segment we continue talking about the question: "if you could only do one procedure for the rest or your career, what would it be?" They talk about new patients and delivering bad news along with the near universal love of immediate dentures. Then the Brain Trust moves in a different direction. If you could choose a procedure to NEVER do again, what would it be? You can get to know Dr. Matt Garrison in today's episode along with veteran Brain Trust members Dr. Dawn Kulongowski, Dr. Tammy Bailey and Dr. Tiffany Lee for another legendary segment!

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