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This week, the DentalHacks podcast features Dr. Rob Ritter. Rob is a dentist in Jupiter, FL that focuses primarily on cosmetic dentistry. He's got a lot to share on both clinical and practice management issues, but today's episode went off on an interesting tangent. Rob has been speaking to dental groups for quite some time and at one time was doing 40 or more presentations per year! So we talked to him about how get got started being a featured CE speaker, what he loves about it and what he doesn't love so much about it. Anyone who's ever thought they'd like to get into speaking to dentists will find this interview very enlightening!

Also in episode 21 the Brain Trust turns their incredible intellect and experience toward dental marketing. We welcome back our first two interviewees, Dr. Lance Timmerman and Dr. Ryan McCall as well as Brain Trust regulars Dr. Matt Standridge, Dr. Matt Garrison and Dr. Melissa Zettler! Have you ever wondered what marketing works the best? How important is your location and sign? How can you track the ROI of any given marketing? Should you try direct mail? These guys have tried it all! The good, the bad and the ugly. And they might just save you from an expensive marketing mistake! DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!


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