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We've talked about dental school and being a new dentist a bunch of times. We've offered advice about what we might do differently as a student and new dentist. Now...we hear from some dental students and new dentists!

This episode features two senior dental students, Caitlynn Haas of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and David Jacobs of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. They talk about what brought them to dentistry, their education and their debt in the first installment of this interview.

This week's Brain Trust features six "new dentists" that have graduated within the last three years. You'll hear from DentalHacks listeners and new dentists Dr. Scott Kollen, Dr. Josh Carpenter, Dr. David Scardella, Dr. Will Parrell, Dr. Dennis Frazee and Dr. Rich Weber. In our first installment of this "new dentist extravaganza" each of these dentists shares a bit about the journey they've taken since finishing dental school and how things are looking for a new dentist.

So join us for this listener driven episode of the DentalHacks!

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