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In this special episode of the DentalHacks podcast, we're doing something completely different.

First, the DentalHacks are giving you their digits. There's a new way to reach the voicemail! If you have a question or comment or just want to say hello, you can reach us at a a new toll free number:

[shadowbox](866) 223-5257[/shadowbox]

Leave us a message and we may feature you on an upcoming episode!

In today's episode, co-host Alan Mead walks you through some of the new stuff he's tried in 2014. He's kind of like a raccoon...attracted to shiny objects and all things new and weird. So you can feel free to let him buy untested dental gear and report back.

[shadowbox]In the first ever installment of the DentalHacks gear reviews he covers 4 interesting items:[/shadowbox]

Vista Dental's Therma-flo Composite Applicator:


Onpharma's Onset Anesthetic Buffering System:


Lumadent LED Headlight:

video by listener Mark Frias RDH!

Note: Lumadent now has a metal housing for their batteries...they no longer mount using a leather case as shown in the video


A-DAPT composite instruments from Ronvig (available from Clinician's Choice)




photo courtesy of Ronvig's website

[shadowbox]As a bonus, here's a couple items Alan's planning on trying out and reviewing in 2015![/shadowbox]

The Brasseler ESX endodontic system


The Uveneer composite veneer system:


So, what did you think about the 2014 gear review? Loved it? Hated it? Let us know! Email us at, share on Facebook at or call us at (866) 223-5257!

Thanks for listening!

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