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Episode 45 of the DentalHacks podcast features Justin Ditkofsky of Cirrus Consulting Group talking about dental office leasing. If you only listen to one podcast this should be this one! Dentists can get in a lot of trouble with commercial leases and most of the time we don't even know it's happening! Before you sign a lease or renegotiate a current lease, take a listen to Justin and make sure you have all the information you need to avoid making a costly mistake!

In the second half of the Brain Trust's discussion of posterior composites we focus on heated composites, composite placement instruments and composite matrix systems. You'll hear about some new matrix rings created to work in all the toughest situations (can you say "nubbin?") Best of all, you'll hear Dr. Rich Rosenblatt get all wound up discussing repairing light composite contacts. Don't miss this Brain Trust!

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Links mentioned in today's show:

Optrasculpt composite intstrument

A-DAPT composite instrument

Velopex Aquacut Quattro

Garrison "monster" composite instrument

Clinician's Choice esthetic contouring instrument

P.K. Thomas waxing instrument

Hu Friedy explorer a la Jason Smithson or this one

LM Arte Fissura (and others)

Triodent tab matrices

Triodent V3

Garrison margin elevation matrix system

banana band

Garrison "nubbin" ring

Triodent disposable blue ring

GC Cerasmart blocks


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