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The key to local search is reviews. Good reviews not only get you in that coveted "7 pack" on Google, but new patients read reviews that your patients write, and often choose based on excellent reviews! But every dentist who has tried to get reviews, particularly Google reviews, knows that it's not easy. In today's episode, local search rock star Darren Shaw offers more tips on crushing local search and specifically explains the new "reputation builder" tool offered by Whitespark. Whitespark has offered a special code for DentalHacks listeners. Use the code "dentalhacks15" at checkout and you'll receive discounts on various Whitespark products! A few topics we talk with Darren about:

  • What does Darren mean by "be the answer" as a strategy?
  • How does content creation make a difference in local search?
  • Why should your website be created on Wordpress?
  • How important is mobile (rhymes "go mile" when Darren pronounces it!)?
  • How hard is it to change your website to mobile friendly?
  • How often should you update your website's design?
  • How can you get your patients to leave great reviews for your office?

Our Brain Trust segment features frank discussion of treating team members, family and friends. What's fair? What's the right way to do it? You'll hear what works from our Brain Trust panel! Our panelists for episode 54 are Dr. Dawn Kulongowski, Dr. Melissa Zettler and a special appearance from one of the original Brain Trust panelists: Dr. Andy Hayes!

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