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Posterior composites are a mainstay of general dentists. A lot of us do them all day long and we're comfortable. Then we run across case presentations on DentalTown or Facebook that make us rethink our approach. Some dentists have created techniques to take posterior composites from "just a filling" to full blown dental porn. In episode 60 we get to talk to three of these dentists!Art's dental porn

Dr. Art Volker, Dr. Matt Costa and Dr. Stephen Kuzmak are three young clinician's who have committed to better composite techniques. In today's episode, you'll hear about what inspired them, how they learned these techniques and everything you need to know to follow their path.

The best part about these amazing dentists is that they are accessible. You'll hear how funny and approachable they are and you'll learn hear about the course they're offering in October 2015. Steve's composite porn

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Some links from the show:

Daily Grind: Maximizing Outcomes with Composite Resin (the course we discuss in ep 60, Oct. 10, 2015 in Quarryville, PA

download the flyer here: Mid Atlantic Study Club October 2015 Course info


Bioclear Heat Sync composite heaterComposite porn 2

Vista Dental Thermoflo (Dr. Mead's choice in composite heaters...overkill)

Jason Smithson's Youtube channel

Maxim Belograd's Youtube channel (lots of composite, some endo)

Nazariy Mykhaylyuk's Youtube channel (also lots of composite and endo)

video on floss ties for rubber dam

 Nic Tone rubber dam material

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