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How is your new patient flow? Could you use more? Our guest on the Dental Hacks today is Charles Crawford, one of the founders of Crawford and O'Brien. And even though that sounds a lot like a law firm, these guys are in business to help dentists with websites, SEO, pay-per-click ads and other strategies to help dentists bring new patients into their office. Charles gives a bunch of great information from website design to tracking exactly where your leads are coming from to help you understand your web presence and what you can do to improve it! You're going to find this interview helpful and entertaining!

Our Brain Trust segment features a game of "what if?" Our intrepid panel includes Dr. Frank Clayton, Dr. Tammy Bailey, Dr. Melissa Zettler and Dr. David Scardella and we discuss what other options they were all looking at when they made the decision to become a dentist. Then we ask them what they would do if dentistry was somehow no longer an option. You'll find their answers interesting and funny and it will probably make you think about it, too! Tell us your story by emailing us at!

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