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Dr. Dennis Frazee is a general dentist in Moorseville, Indiana. He's a relatively recent graduate...2012. He started a scratch practice soon after finishing dental school. And he's killing it. KILLING it! For such a humble guy, he has an amazing story and a lot of tips for anyone interested in startup practices, incorporating technology in the practice or even what CE to take right after graduation to help jump start your dental career! He talks about handling student debt as well has how to finance a startup as a new graduate. He's funny and informative. That's what makes him a terrific DentalHacks interview!

Episode 66 also features our first "all male" Brain Trust. Trust me, it's not as hot as it sounds. We feature Dr. Matt Standridge, Dr. Mike Keller, Jason and Alan talking about customer service. Specifically, customer service toward dentists. Did it end up as kind of a bitch session? Yes. Is it entertaining and enlightening? Yes. I think you'll find something you relate to here!

In our "Go Hack Yourself" segment we feature:

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