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"My goal was to open an office where we could offer every service available dentally that would be convenient and affordable for everybody to come in."

In episode 67 we continue our conversation with Dr. Dennis Frazee. He's a relatively new grad. Like 2012 new grad. His startup is growing like crazy and he tells us about his keys to his success. First, he tells us a bit about how he chose his location and how important that ended up being. Secondly, he sings the praises of being able to sedate patients in his office safely and reliably. Last, he tells us where he focused his time and money (and how he financed it) on CE. This interview is packed with so many pearls you might as well make a necklace out of it!

In the Brain Trust we continue discussing our experiences with customer service failures and how we can apply these lessons in our own business. A couple high points:

  • There needs to be a specialist that helps arrange financing and best deals on equipment purchasing. If someone would do that and help save dentists money and headaches, they will make themselves VERY valuable.
  • Are all website design companies shady?
  • Why is there so much turnover in the dental sales industry?

Be sure to check out this video from listener Dr. Nicholas Miller! He took us up on our Youtube video challenge from a couple weeks back and we think you should check out his video!

You can see his whole channel here!

In our "Go Hack Yourself" segment we feature:

  • Zicam: Jason has the plague and Zicam helped him get through the weekend at CEREC30
  • 99% Invisible: "A tiny radio show about design with Roman Mars." One of the more recent editions to my "don't miss" list of podcasts.

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