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Composite resin is hands down the most versatile dental restorative material. But are you using it to it's potential? Dr. Buddy Mopper thinks that we aren't! Dr. Mopper is one of the founders of Cosmedent and he's got a few things he wants to tell you. First, where's the microfill? What happened to this material and why don't dentists use it much any more? In episode 90 Buddy give a primer on the types of composites and how we can use them better. He also goes "inside baseball" about how dental products are developed and how Cosmedent brings new stuff to the market.

The Brain Trust features Dr. Jason Smithson and Dr Buddy Mopper talking about some of the ways they differ in technique. You'll hear to of the biggest names in composite continuing education describe the pros and cons of their techniques and why they do things the way they do. Things get a little exciting when they answer a listener question about composites in compules vs. syringes. "Put that in your pipe and smoke it!"

Go Hack Yourself:

Jason: Kerr occlusal indicator wax

Alan: Almore shimstock

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