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Jason and Alan a joined live at the Voices of Dentistry meeting by Dr. Bruce Baird of the Productive Dentist Academy and Dr. Mike Freimuth of the Implant Pathway!

The Dental Hacks got to interview some really great people at the Voices of Dentistry meeting. Two of them are featured in episode 179! First, we spoke with Dr. Bruce Baird of the Productive Dentist Academy. We talked about the value of learning implants for the sake of treating patients as well as understanding treatment planning. Then we discussed how he uses Compassionate Finance to help patients get treatment the otherwise wouldn't even consider! We'd also like to thank long time friend of the Dental Hacks and all around bruh, Dr. Craig Harder for sitting in on our interview with Bruce!

Next we talk with Dr. Mike Freimuth of the Implant Pathway. He tells us about how he met fellow podcaster and co-host of the Voices of Dentistry, Dr. Justin Moody. Justin and Mike started the Implant Pathway to help dentists learn how place and restore implants in a way that no one else in the U.S. is doing!

Links from the show:

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Zirc makes the mirrors that make you better. They're called the Crystal HD mirror and you can see them at the Chicago Midwinter at booth #1417 or check them out at

If you're going to the Chicago Midwinter you need to go to booth #4239 to learn the Bioclear method hands on with Dr. David Clark and Dr. Jiyhon Kim! Mention that you saw this spot from the Dental Hacks for 5% off your order or better yet, check our schedule in the Dental Hacks Nation to see when we'll be in the booth podcasting!

There's nothing better than hands on, right? If you're at the Chicago Midwinter you should check Cosmedent's all ceramic polishers out at booth #1804! You'll be able to actually polish some Emax and/or zirconia and see how great they really are! Get more details at

Premier Dental "Hack of the Week":

Traxodent with retraction caps

Jason: The Crown

Alan: Smile Designer Pro

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