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Laura Maly and Michael Anderson of the Wonderist Agency join Alan to talk about marketing. Laura and Michael have a lot to say about dentists being involved with their own marketing. Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • What's the best marketing for me? (spoiler...that's impossible to know without trying some stuff)
  • What are the best ways to measure whether your marketing is working?
  • Is call tracking good information?
  • How to understand KPIs

The Wonderist Agency was one if the sponsors of the Voices of Dentistry and we're really glad to have had their support!

Do you ever wonder how people on Instagram and Facebook get the super smooth and shiny look on their crown preps? It's actually pretty simple. They finish and polish them with a very fine diamond! Microcopy Dental has you covered with their 3316.8 diamond...aka: the "yellow chamfer" in my office. It's actually a round end taper in very fine diamond and will make every preparation look smooth and shiny! Go check it out at  You're going to love this bur!

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