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Alan sits down to talk with Ben Rojek, of Spear Education. Ben wears multiple hats at Spear and one of them was the editor of Spear Digest! He has a background in journalism and marketing and we had an interesting conversation about content creation for dentists!

  • How is Spear helping dental students start their careers with affordable continuing education?
  • How has the "content creation machine" that is Spear Education changed in the past several years?
  • What's it like to be the editor or one of the most widely read dental blogs anywhere?
  •  What are some easy things that regular dentists can do to be found online?
  • Why should you start a blog? (spoiler: Al has thoughts)
  • How should dentists respond to reviews?
  • What are some great ways to portray yourself and your team on social media?
  • How can Spear help you with patient education?

Some links from the show:

Spear Digest 

Spear Online

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