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"We as dentists make life hard for ourselves by compromising too much."

--Dr. Jason Smithson

In a nutshell, this statement is why Jason Smithson is my hero. Also my spirit animal. In this very special edition of the Dental Hacks Daily I had a chance to talk with Dr. Jason Smithson about the rubber dam. Jason is known for his exquisite restorative procedures. And one of the many things that makes him such a fine clinician and teacher is his use of the rubber dam. I spend this episode asking Jason all about it. We discuss:

  • What does he do for patients that don't tolerate it?
  • What's the best way to explain rubber dam to a patient?
  • What does he think of Isolite and other bite block/suction style options?
  • Are there any procedures that he thinks are inappropriate for the dam?
  • Who places the dam in Jason's office?

This episode gives the listener a sample of another new podcast that will be coming out on the Dental Hacks Podcast Network! Coming in May 2019, the "Smithson On..." podcast will be conversations and rants featuring the wit and expertise of Dr. Jason Smithson!

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