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Welcome to our new podcast that we're calling "Smithson on..." The podcast will feature one of our most popular returning guests on the Dental Hacks podcast, Dr. Jason Smithson. Jason is a clinical dentist and educator from the UK. Dental Hacks co-hosts Jason and Alan met at a Jason Smithson course at Cosmedent in Chicago in September of 2013 where the idea for the Dental Hacks podcast was hatched. You could say that Jason Smithson had a big effect on us and we're glad that he's going to be part of the growing Dental Hacks Podcast Network!

One thing we've learned about Jason is that he's a great storyteller. Add to that his mastery of restorative dentistry and his knack for teaching it to other dentists and you've got a pretty compelling guy. Our new podcast will feature conversations between Al and Jason (Smithson) on focused topics, most often related to clinical dentistry. I think you'll see that it's a pretty great listen.

We're kicking off our first episode with a discussion of science and the somewhat twisted relationship that it has with dentistry. If you have any questions or comments about the episode please email us at or better still, post it on the Dental Hacks Nation Facebook group!

We'd like to welcome Jason to our podcast network and we're glad he's here!

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