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Welcome to season 1, episode 3 of the Clinical Hacks Podcast!

In this riveting episode, each of the Hacks discusses their methods for doing the class III anterior restoration.

Highlights today include:

  • We all walk through doing a #7 MBL restoration,  how different can 3 people do it?
  • Everyday we're beveling.   Alan likes big bevels, and he cannot lie.
  • Is Mylar dead?   We all learned Mylar in school, but do any of the hacks still use it?
  • Alan describes the most expensive way possible to do a Class 3,  Zach 1/10th X's that, Kevin is our middle.


Products talked about in the episode today include:


Bioclear Anterior


Snow Plow Technique (squirt flowable, plow it in with paste... hot!)

Magic Mix

Minnow Polisher Hi-Gloss



Triodent Matrices

Sof-Lex Discs

Enhance Pogo Polisher



330 Bur from DentalRee

Garrison Blue View Varistrip

12 Fluted Polishing Bur from DentalRee

One Step Composite Polisher


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