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Dr. Jihyon Kim joins Alan again to talk about the skill sets that get lost (or never get learned in the first place) for doing direct restorations. In a world where it's much more convenient and profitable to do things indirectly, she thinks there is a place for directs in everyone's practice! Jihyon recently announced that she's leaving the Bioclear Learning Center and moving in some exciting directions! For one thing, she's making waves with her new social media presence and she'll even be presenting at the Dental Influencers Alliance (DIA) 2.0 meeting on December 6-7th at the DoubleTree in Scottsdale, AZ! Take a listen to hear about her new directions and the exciting things she wants to bring to dentistry!

Some links from the show:

Jihyon's Instagram

Jihyon's website

Jihyon's Youtube channel

The Dental Influencer Alliance

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