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Welcome to season 1, episode 4 of the Clinical Hacks Podcast!

In this riveting episode, each of the Hacks discusses their methods for doing basic crown and bridge temporaries.

Highlights today include:

  •  Kevin immediately one-ups the groups and says he's mostly Cerec and rarely makes temps, so the moral of the episode is... skip temps and mill yourself so that you can be as cool as Kevin.
  •  Zach, per usual has both the least expensive way of doing it and the most complicated, 3 different temp systems for a variety of scenarios.. nightmare!
  •  Alan, also per usual, describes the most expensive way to make a temporary possible, but also has some unique solutions for broken down teeth, listen close for some pearls!
  • Kevin's Integrity

Products on the show mentioned include:


Safco Dual Arch Trays for Pre-impression

Safco Nice Bite Fast Set for Pre-Impression

Safco Nice Temp

Metal Ion Crowns for "jacked" teeth

GC Alike Acrylic for long span cases or heavy bruxers on 2nd molars


Generic Polycarboxylate (Durelon)



Clinicians Choice Temp Tray

Clinicians Choice Template

Mirror Image

Dentotemp Cement





Temp-Bond NE (no eugenol)


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