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"I have a Hulk."

--Dr. Artie Volker

Alan is joined by Dr. Arthur Volker again this time to talk about the technology he's recently added to his office. He's added the capacity to do CAD/CAM dentistry chairside so he can do same day dentistry. His experience is interesting and it's still a work in progress!

Artie is teaching anterior composites in Chicago at Cosmedent's CEE! His course is called "POWERlooking: Anterior Direct Composite Course and it's this coming November 14-15! Artie will be teaching anterior composite techniques from simple to complex and you don't want to miss it! Learn color theory, smile design, texture, polishing, simple class IVs all the way to layered composite veneers from a master who's also a great teacher and a great guy! Go check it out at!

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