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Welcome to season 1, episode 26 of the Clinical Hacks Podcast

You're in for a treat today as we have Joshua Austin DDS as our guest.  Josh is a podcaster (Working Interferences),  an author (Pearls for your Practice - Dental Economics), a lecturer, and is generally "kind of a big deal".

Today we talk about composites and specifically Bulk Fills.

Highlights include:

- What makes a bulk fill a bulk fill?

- Does bulk fill mean the whole tooth gets filled up every time?

- What's the downside to bulk fills?

- What about dual-cure / auto-cure Bulk fills?

- Who in the clinical hacks is bulk filling?

- What about the o.g. bulk fill amalgam?  Or Glass Ionomer?

- Josh cites studies, that's big time for us regular ass dentists.

- Follow @dentinaltube on Instagram for biomaterials goodness.

- What material would Josh use on his #1 fan?

- Powerfill / Powercure - what's the story?

- Everyone in this podcast will be at VoD presenting.. and you should come as well!


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