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Have you had your fill of Coronavirus talk? We get it...and we're here for you! Jason and Alan had a chance to talk with and hear a lecture from Dr. Gregg Kinzer of Spear Education! Earlier this week Jason and Alan hosted Gregg in a Facebook Live where he did a live presentation of the "Treatment Planning Dark Teeth in the Esthetic Zone." It's an exclusive look for Dental Hacks Listeners of a module from Spear Education's study clubs! Gregg is an incredible educator and he offers some really amazing insights into the common problem of dark front teeth! If you'd like to watch the presentation you can head over to the Dental Hacks Nation and replay it there!

Do you like what you've seen/heard? You need to find a Spear Study Club in your neck of the woods or start one of your own!

Some links from the show:

Spear Education

Spear Study Clubs

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So it looks like we're going to have some down time. Our friends at Zirc understand this and have a great idea for you! What if you used your down time to work on your clinical systems? It's useful and it's low risk! Zirc has a process that they call ZOBE. That stands for Zirc’s Organizational Box of Efficiency. They send a big box full of their different instrument organization options to YOUR OFFICE. You get to try it all out. Snap the tops on the tubs. Put cassettes in your own sterilizer. Try out YOUR instruments in whatever cassette you like! Plus, Zirc sets you up with your own organizational expert like Kay to help you determine what’s right for you. Most importantly, the ZOBE process is FREE. It doesn't cost you anything to learn about Zirc's clinical systems. It's a perfect thing for you to do while you've got some down time! Plus, if you do a ZOBE consultation by April 17, 2020…you’ll be in the running for a $300 Amazon gift card! Find out more at!

We know this has been an incredibly trying few weeks for really everyone, our dental friends and their patients. Many dental teams are just scratching their heads wondering, what should we be doing? Monitoring the regulations on a daily basis thinking, when are we going to get back to normal? What do we do with our appointments? You aren’t alone. There’s no book on this stuff, well not yet at least, but you know what? We have some advice for you, and it’s coming from our friends at YAPI. All of you that know of or use YAPI are likely familiar that one of their founders is Dr. Gina Dorfman, a practice owner herself. Dr. Gina and YAPI’s marketing team are going to help you stay productive and stay positive during this time. Whether you are closed altogether, treating emergency patients only, we’re going to be sharing a variety of different resources that will help you stay on top of this issue and how to stay engaged with your patients and make sure you don’t miss any opportunities that come your way. As COVID-19 survivor Tom Hanks once said, There’s no crying in baseball, YAPI says there’s no downtime in dentistry! Check the Hacks Facebook page regularly for your downtime checklists, webinars on teledentistry, shareable posts to keep you connected with your patients, advice on patient re-scheduling, and more.Go check them out at

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