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Jason and Alan are back! Fresh from getting hit by a truck, the Dental Hacks spend time answering questions from the ever-brilliant Dental Hacks Nation! Some of the queries they address:

  • Russell Schafer asks, “what toothpaste do y’all use?”
  • Anonymous Facebook user asks, “what is the best concert you’ve ever gone to?”
  • Anonymous Facebook user asks, “favorite Disney/Pixar movie?
  • Richard Vernon asks, “How do you see the next 5 years post COVID impacting U.S. dentists and dentistry?”
  • Richard Burgess asks, “are your kids going to physically be at school or do it remotely or a hybrid version?”Jake Skowronski asks, “Would you take hydorxychloroqine right now if you started feeling crummy and tested positive this morning for COVID 19?
  • Brad Keener asks, “who would win an Indian leg wrestling match?”
  • Craig Harder asks, “which episode is your favorite?”
  • Sarah Erickson asks, “boxers or briefs?”
  • Adnan Omran asks, “would you rather fight one hundred duck-sized horses or one horse sized duck?”
  • Matt Jourdain asks, “favorite nacho topping?”
  • Teresa Duncan: “most favorite and most annoying patients. Not types - a specific patient. Looking for stories here.”
  • Zachary Meiners asks, “crystal ball: will Chicago midwinter meeting happen?”
  • Melissa Zetter asks, “Whats the first place you will go when this damn COVID ends?”
  • Flash Davies asks, "Which is more painful, having to homeschool your kids or being hit by a truck?”
  • Roger Mead (the other one) asks, “are you serving birthday cake for Alan?”

Some links from the show:

[caption id="attachment_1822" align="alignleft" width="500"] Gleem Toothpaste[/caption]




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Go Hack Yourself:

Jason: The Umbrella Academy

Alan: BQE Ergodynamic chair

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