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Jason talks with Dr. Ziv Simon. Ziv is a periodontist, an immigrant and an educator. He practices in Beverly Hills and has an amazing educational portal called SurgicalMaster.

  • The immigrant mentality and how it has affected Ziv's journey (The Obstacle is the Way)
  • How did serving in the Israeli army affect his story?
  • How has online education changed the way we learn?
  • What makes a good online learning forum? How can we keep it safe?
  • More surgery = more complications
  • Listen to your mom!
  • Case selection and picking the winners
  • Developing patient relationships
  • How to start doing more soft tissue surgery in your office
  • What's the story about the SurgicalMaster system?
  • Abundance mindset vs. scarcity mindset
  • Attack vs. retreat
  • Ziv's take on the coronavirus shutdown
  • How to gain patient's trust after COVID? (spoiler: transparency)
  • How a smartphone can make you $1 million. It's about authenticity.
  • Cutting the fat during lean times
  • Shredded Academy, and is the pain worth it?

Some links from the show:

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SurgicalMaster website

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Go Hack Yourself:

Jason: "Uncharted" with Gordon Ramsay, New Zealand

Alan: Zumax OMS2380 microscope from Enova Illumination

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